Disaster Relief Tents

Nationwide Tents 'N' Events is capable of installing and maintaining multiple sites at any given time. We have frame and clearspan tents that range from 10 feet wide up to 100+ feet wide and can extend to any length needed. We also stock high wind rated twin pole tents in multiple widths starting at 60 feet wide. These pole tents may also be provided in any length increment. Clearspan tents have a number of customizable features such as clear roof panels and side walls, varying perimeter heights and specialized sidewalls that can be easily opened or completely removed.

Interior rafters can be utilized for hanging signs, lights, fans, curtains or decorations. A full complement of flooring, lighting, glass doors, temperature control and generators is also available.

Engineered for maximum strength with the ability to withstand strong winds and inclement weather, our clear­span tents are constructed using a rigid, anodized aluminum frame covered with flame-resistant vinyl fabric. With no center poles or exterior guy-lines they are extremely versatile. Designed in a modular system, these clearspan tents can be expanded in 15' or 20' lengths making them ideal choices for large warehouses, barracks, mess tents, and other large installations.

Quickly deployed and removed, our tents are an excellent choice for temporary or long-term military or relief operations.

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